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This Sagittarius Full Moon encourages your to shoot your arrow past what you think you are and get moving towards a new point, a new horizon that feels more free than yesterday. It's the perfect time to question what/who in your life has told you what you should be. Where do you give your personal power away? Are you stuck in a power play mindset of domination (ego, sex, finances, duality, me vs them, etc.)? Have you forgotten how to self govern (aka work towards your enlightened self, without trying to dominate situations)? Take stock of your personal belief system and ask yourself how it got there. Analyze the lack mindset vs the love mindset that is presently at play. The Sagittarius Full Moon is encouraging you to step out of old conditioning to see things from a higher perspective. By choosing to follow the path of true love, you will find new freedoms within yourself as the old conditioning falls away to reveal what you've always been looking for.   

Gifted Astrology releases a vintage inspired print each month to celebrate the full moon. This free download is for personal use only. Please feel free to share this on social media when you tag us @giftedastrology (thanks in advance!). This print is also available for sale on our site. Handprinted in North America on beautiful birch wood: 

Sagittarius Full Moon Wood Print: https://www.giftedastrology.com/products/sagittarius-full-moon-vintage-print

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