Gifted Astrology Talks Breakups+Holidays+Mercury Retrograde (oh my!) With

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Gifted Astrology Talks Breakups+Holidays+Mercury Retrograde (oh my!) With

Ohhh breakups... nobody likes them once, let alone twice, so don't try breaking up during a retrograde because it usually doesn't stick. But it's not as bad as it sounds - when we're aware of what's going on. We talked about this emotionally tricky combination of Breakups+Holidays+Mercury Retrograde with writer, Natalia Lusinski, at Here are some excerpts from her article:   
Bustle Gifted Astrology Mercury Retrograde Holiday Breakups

The holidays can be a challenging time for relationships and are actually the most common time of year that couples break up. According to a study done by London-based data journalist, David McCandless, and Lee Byron, a look at Facebook updates regarding breakups showed that the two most common times of year that breakups most frequently happen is right around Valentine's Day and the two weeks before Christmas. The latter probably was ~not~ on your Christmas list. But, we're currently in Mercury Retrograde — a time when you're specifically not supposed to breakup with someone. So, willbreakups in Mercury Retrograde last during the 2017 holiday season?

According to Astrology Zone, Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury speeds past the Earth, which happens 3-4 times per year. Of course, Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, so its orbit is much shorter than our planet's. Because of this, when Mercury zooms by, you may feel it in the sense that it disrupts something in your life — like your love life, for instance. Chances are, you've probably felt it affect various facets of your life, but didn't even know it. The last Mercury Retrograde of this year is happening right now, from Dec. 3 until Dec. 22, and in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

You May Be Having Temporary Feelings

As for whether breakups in Mercury Retrograde during the 2017 holiday season will last — or not — Jaye at offers some input. "The word mercurial means fickle, temperamental, changeable — and that describes what you get when you try to break up with someone during this time," Jaye tells Bustle. "Most likely, it won't stick because these are temporary, fluctuating feelings. This isn't all bad, however, because the hidden gift from Mercury in Retrograde is that we become our own best teachers. Try to use the energy to look at your relationship from another angle, and when Mercury does go direct, you can use the breakup time as a growing period for yourself, to reassess what is truly important to you. That way, regardless of what happens in your relationship, you've made the most of the astrological energies, deepening the love and acceptance for yourself."


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