Gifted Astrology Talks Mercury Retrograde & Ex's with

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Gifted Astrology Talks Mercury Retrograde & Ex's with

Gifted Astrology had a great time speaking with's writer, Natalia Lusinski, about Mercury Retrograde during the holidays in this article, "Is Getting Back Together With An Ex During Mercury Retrograde 2017 A Bad Idea? This Holiday Season, Avoid It At All Costs". Photo credits to Drobot Dean/Fotolia.

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If your life seems a little off these days, it could be due to Mercury Retrograde. Yep, it's happening right now, from Dec. 3 through Dec. 22, and Mercury Retrograde can affect everything from your holiday travel to your love life. Of course, the term "Mercury Retrograde" is being thrown around a lot lately. According to Astrology Zone, it occurs 3-4 times a year and is when Mercury speeds past the Earth. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, and its orbit is much shorter than our planet's. So when Mercury zooms by, you may feel it in the sense that it affects your life and causes things to be out of whack for a few weeks.

Jaye at agrees with Rayne that you and an ex getting back together during this Mercury Retrograde period is not a good idea. "While rekindling an old romance during the holidays may sound like a beautiful idea, it's not the best option when it's during Mercury Retrograde," Jaye tells Bustle. "If your relationship already broke up once and you're bringing old wounds back to the same combination to try to heal them or fix things, the ground will be even more shaky while Mercury's energies are turned inward (or retrograde). Astrologically, it may be best to wait until Mercury goes direct towards the end of the month when energies are forward-moving and you don't have to take the long way back to repairing love. Though Mercury goes direct on Dec. 22, it takes a little while for its energies to get up to full speed ahead. If you need that extra planetary help to get back together with your ex, it maybe best to wait until after the holidays to give it another try."

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